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There was a viral post from a teacher, I believe, floating around social media about how and why to interview your kids during this quarantine. I was ALL IN on day one!! “That is a great idea! I love it! I can't wait to sit down and document all this and have it for them one day to look back on!” However, the shit hit the fan when I became a Mom AND a HOMESCHOOL TEACHER of 3 kids!! “What the what?!” I was flustered trying to learn the tech, apps, websites, and get my head wrapped around the fact that all my quiet time was taken away!

Not only homeschooling now, but managing cancellations for our vacation rental homes, creating a new schedule and routine for myself, my three kids, and my husband; who now works out of our bedroom or back porch – when he used to travel weekly for work. So, as you can imagine, cooking three meals and 500 snacks a day now and having EVERYONE home ALL the time, my toilets, my sinks, my floors….nothing is ever clean what-so-ever!

So just like toilet paper flying off the shelves, out went the idea about “documenting” this pandemic and the idea for interviewing my kids about Quarantine 2020!! Just like the rest of you, I was working on SURVIVING IT! Not just in the home, but obviously, the virus itself is truly scary and for us with spouses who have underlying conditions or have them ourselves…it's terrifying!

How to Find Time to Interview Your Kids About Quarantine 2020

As weeks went on, routines and schedules became do-able, homeschooling is still a mix of crying, screaming and more crying. My kids seem to manage it “ok” though! HAHA Cooking has become something I take as a challenge to come out of this healthier than before. (Because what better time to focus on your health than when your health matters the most!!) My toilets, floors, and sinks are still a disaster, but I thought, “Hmm, What about documenting my kids' quarantine experience now?” Now that we are in the routines and the stress for everyone has subsided a bit…what about documenting it now??

Being a planner, I was going to plan a day to do it. However, that is what I did the last 6 weeks, so I knew that wasn't going to work. Immediately, as the thought came to mind, I sat down and wrote the questions (be sure you grab your FREE download of my Quarantine 2020 interview questions for kids & adults below!). I thought about what they would like to know in the future. What was it really like? Not what the media will portray it to be, but for us, what was it REALLY like?

Why You Should Interview Your Kids About Quarantine 2020

There is no doubt everyone's story is different. Maybe you are directly affected. Maybe you had/have COVID-19. (Prayers!) Maybe you lost a job or income. Maybe someone you know died from it. (My heart truly breaks for you.) Maybe your business took off. Maybe you are the brave ones on the frontlines for us. (Thank you!)

“Your story is your story alone.”

Just like your child's.

Or your husband's.

Or your Mom's, Dad's, Grandparent's.

All our stories are different and none of the answers are right or wrong.

How to Interview Your Kids About Quarantine 2020

I called each kid up 1 by 1 for their quarantine interview (my oldest interviewed me with the same questions). They had no time to prepare or know what I was doing. I sat them in a chair with a bright social light and told them I was going to interview them about their experiences and thoughts about our quarantine time.

There was no option. I told them not to be nervous, I was only sharing it with our family. It's for us. It's our story.

Quarantine 2020 interview questions for kids and adults!

They didn't know the questions, so I was able to get immediate reactions and some questions didn't have answers. Some answers were the same as others. I interjected additional questions as I saw fit to get the interviewee to elaborate. By doing this, I was able to get them to focus on feelings, actions, thoughts, sensations. I wanted it to be like a conversation, not an official interview. (Ya' know, ignoring the huge bright light and the chair against the desk!) Your setting should be where you want. They can all be different or the same. I was able to do the set up in my office where it was more formal, but I didn't want the kids goofing off, hearing the others answers, or feeling like they could get up and leave.

What I Learned from Interviewing My Kids About Quarantine 2020

What I learned most was my kids are so very different. My husband and I see things in different ways as well. I see the direct changes in our life. He sees the changes in the world. Personalities came out. Wow, how different they are! Their understanding of what is going on and their intelligence shined. The innocence of being so young and not understanding was brighter than all.

I interviewed my kids about Quarantine 2020. Here is why you should, too!

I saw emotions and heard worries I didn't know existed…from my husband and my 9-year-old. I saw her fight back the tears as she talked about her friends. And I saw her look on the bright side or the logical side, “better safe than sorry,” she said about school not going back this year, as she smiled and fought the tears again.

I interviewed my kids about Quarantine 2020. Here is why you should, too!
“I miss my friends.”

I wanted this to be more tactical and not commenting on the funny things, just yet…not asking questions like if they noticed how we use 1/2 of a 1/2 sheet of paper towel or 4 squares of toilet paper, or why the toilets are never clean! There is a time and place for the funny stuff, but I will save that for another interview in a few weeks.

Now It's Your Turn

So, I know you want to think about it, but don't. Print the Quarantine 2020 interview questions and call your family members up 1-by-1 and just get it done! Done is better than perfect and at least you will have it recorded. It only takes a few minutes per kid/adult. They, nor you, will remember what they did, what they thought, or how they felt during this time. Record it now!

Do you want my Quarantine 2020 interview questions for kids & adults? I even asked my 3-year-old these questions! It was cute to hear the answers from him too! Drop your info below and get a direct download!

Documenting Your Interviews

For those interested in the documenting process: I recorded on my iPhone for about 5-10 mins each, my husband was 15 mins and I am long-winded, so I was 20 minutes, go figure! I will edit the interviews using iMovie and add pictures and other family videos I have put in a folder on my iPhone since the quarantine started. After editing, I can upload to YouTube on a private view only, save in dropbox and or on an external hard drive for backups.

Quarantine 2020 interview questions for kids and adults!

I'd love to hear from you about your interviewing experience! Comment below and tell us about it. Have some fun/funny interview question suggestions for another light-hearted interview post…post them below and I might add them (and mention you) to the part 2 quarantine 2020 interviews!


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