Hello! I am Tiffanie! I inspire, encourage and uplift Moms who have been struggling to get out the the rut and now have a burning desire to be their best and have personal mental freedom without guilt, overwhelm or feeling undervalued!

hey there

i'm tiffanie smith

I am a perfectly-imperfect Mom of three little ones, married since 2002. I love organizing anything, over planning everything, Interior Design (I got a degree in that one!), make-up and traveling (Especially to Vegas & Disney)!

I own & manage our vacation rental home business, dislike {correction} actually HATE cooking, but love shopping for things I didn’t know I needed (If you’re a Target Mom, you totally get that!). I am always working on my health & fitness trying to find just one ab again after 3 kids, and unfortunately, I have lost many loved ones in my life including both Parents, a Sister, unborn baby, Uncle, all my Grandparents and many more.

I am here to share with you my REAL B- MomLife/Parenting experiences {yes, like the grade B- ya know…AVERAGE!}, my rollercoaster life journey, deliver you practical-get shit done-tips along with honest & relatable content!

I hope I sometimes make you smile, even cry, laugh out loud (and probably pee your pants a little)!! My desire is to bring value, joy, self-worth, and connection back to your life as you {intentionally} SURVIVE MOMShift daily! Read more about MOMShift Below!



MOMShift is the never ending 24/7 working shift of Moms.

MOMShift is also the MINDShift process to be intentional about your life without the Mom guilt so you can FIND YOURSELF AGAIN!

If you’re a Mama, like me, we have an endless to do list, responsibilities ranging from cooking, organizing parties, buying the school supplies all the way to keeping everyone alive! We wear so many hats, Mamas. 

You probably feel pretty undervalued, unorganized, guilty, isolated, always thinking of the next “to do.” Maybe you don’t feel productive; like your are in a rut, but you’re so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start?!  I know you are exhausted!

For years, I struggled to understand the value that I brought to our family. I struggled with purpose, what I needed to do daily, identity, how to manage it all without feeling like a failure. You know what I realized...I'm doing a damn good job of failing...and that's ok. I was sick of trying to be the pinterest Mom, or volunteering for everything to give me something to feel of value. I was tired of trying to be the perfect everything. I learned to say "No," I learned that I'm actually a good Mom, a good Wife, a good Sister, a good friend, I was just not a good friend to myself. That's when I started this blog, for the women who have a burning desire to "be better" get out of the rut...but she doesn't believe in herself enough to see she is already so amazing! 

The Blog:

TiffanieSmith.com blog is here to help you have relatable content to feel "normal", maybe organize your days, be a little stylish one day a week, have guilt free "me" time, talk about the everyday things Mamas have to handle, cry about loss, help fuel a passion, get healthIER and much more! I want to share the things that work for me so that you can enjoy family times, be happy and have purpose and fun again!

I'm tired of trying to be perfect!
I need some b- life (REAL LIFE) content! 



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