There was a viral post from a teacher, I believe, floating around social media about interviewing your kids during this quarantine. I was ALL IN on day one!! “That is a great idea! I love it! I can’t wait to sit down and document all this!” I was excited to have it for them one day to look back on. However, the shit hit the fan when I became a Mom AND a HOMESCHOOOL TEACHER of 3 kids!! “What the what?!”

Flower bouquet with sewing materials inside for funeral

Having to create a speech for my mom’s funeral got me thinking about what I hope my daughter will say at my funeral. Preparing a eulogy for your parent’s funeral is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. But what’s harder? Actually standing up and reading it without breaking into tears. No […]

Road in the Woods - Getting out of a Rut Blog Post

When unpredictable life experiences happen, like the loss of a job or death in the family, we have two choices: react or learn. When we choose to learn from the experience, we can change our life and get out of a rut. When we react to something that happens, it’s usually never good. When we […]

Every stay-at-home mom is thinking, “What activities am I going to do all summer with my kids?!” Today, most stay-at-home mamas out there are trying to savor every minute before their kids get dropped off from their last day of school and summer begins!! We are all thinking… “What the hell am I gonna do […]

How to cope with grief, the 7 stages

They just don’t get it. Unfortunately, they will never understand how to cope with grief until it happens to them. They don’t wake up on this day with that specific person front of mind. Just you are thinking about it… Loss. To some, it is just another day and life goes on. To others they […]

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