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Maybe you have never been to Disney World and maybe you have been countless times. Either way, there is so much to know about Disney World and the creator Walt that they have to write books upon books to remember it all! But do you know about all the Magic Kingdom hidden secrets?

The Disney routine can get somewhat monotonous as an annual passholder. Our family owns a Disney vacation rental property, and we visit Disney World about 3-4 times a year. For this trip I wanted us to try something different. I was checking on Airbnb’s Experiences section and found “Stroll with a Former Disney Imagineer!” My daughter has big dreams of becoming an Imagineer one day and designing more fun things in Pandora, so this was PERFECT! We decided to get a tour through Magic Kingdom because there is so much history there. Also, my daughter was Walt Disney in her school wax museum so what better time to learn more about the happiest place on Earth!

Be sure to read this with your kiddos! Then you can walk the park together and explore the Magic Kingdom hidden secrets and even do a fun scavenger hunt.

1. Each Land in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has different concrete colors, sounds, music, and surroundings.

Garbage cans at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom hidden secrets

As you stroll around the park, you will only notice the change of the concrete and trash cans if someone points them out to you. The music changes so subtly that you are in a new land experiencing the days of tomorrow before you realize you just left the royal colors at the princess castle! Listen and watch closely next time you move from one land to the next!  One prominent color around Main Street is red because red creates vivid contrasts with all the other colors at Disney, such as the green plants and flowers to make them stand out.

2. Walt Disney loved trains and built them for fun in his backyard.

Walt actually built real trains that he could ride right in his backyard for FUN! Many of us think how cool it would be to do these types of things, but we never find that kid in us to do it. We are so busy with life that we never play. He played and it built his life! Next time you are at the train station at Magic Kingdom, go to the first floor and you can read all about his love for train. How Walt imported trains from around the world and refurbished the trains used in the parks today and even how he named one after some special people!

3. Roy dedicated and named the park Walt Disney.

You probably know that Walt died before the Disney World theme park opened. Well, being a great brother, Roy made sure to dedicate the park to Walt, which is why he named it Walt Disney after his brother. No other park has that name.

4.  Walt liked to honor those who helped make his dreams come true.

Main Street Cinema Awning at Walt Disney World one of Magic Kingdom hidden secrets

Walking down Main Street, you can look up to the windows in most of the small town U.S.A. shops and find names. These names are Imagineers, PR Managers, and many more people who helped make Disney the happiest place on Earth. It is a major honor to have a window dedicated to you!

5. Disney Land can fit inside Disney World Magic Kingdom’s parking lot.

Roller costar right at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Disney parks are huge and you can easily walk five or more miles a day from end to end. Get out those fit bits and rack up those steps!!

The parks have expanded numerous times. Actually, the area where 7 Dwarfs Mine Train is, Little Mermaid, and Gaston’s Tavern were not always there. And Magic Kingdom is still growing. They are adding a new roller coaster next to Space Mountain. The word on the street is that it is Tron themed!

6. View the enlarged storyboard of Cinderella.  

Cinderella Storyboard one of Magic Kingdom hidden secrets

There is plenty of art throughout Magic Kingdom, however, have you ever seen the Story of Cinderella? Take a stroll in the walkway of the castle and near Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Boutique. You will see 5 hand-crafted mosaic panels. The story is told from left to right, just like as if you were reading a book. The detail is gorgeous!

7. Find the Hidden Mickeys around Magic Kingdom.

Around Magic Kingdom there are hundreds of hidden Mickeys. They can be in structures, on the ground, in restaurants, and so many more places! This is such a fun experience for the kids! We provide the book Hidden Mickey at our TRACE Vacation Rental Home, 12 minutes outside of Disney. But if you want your own, you can grab it here!

8. That is not Walt Disney sitting on the bench with Minnie.

Walt and Minnie statue at Disney World one of Magic Kingdom hidden secrets

Many people think this is Walt sitting with Minnie at the flagpole bench at the beginning of Main Street in Magic Kingdom. However, this is Roy, Walt’s brother. You can find Walt and Mickey at the end of Main Street welcoming you to Cinderella’s Castle and the entrance to all lands of Walt Disney World.

So, after learning all this, should you still get a tour with an Imagineer?


Don’t worry, I told you very little! There are SO many things to learn about Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom and all the other parks! It is such a fun experience. I highly recommend it! I hope you learn even more than we did!

Remember to take pictures and tag me on IG! I’d love to see your journey!

Post in the comments YOUR Magic Kingdom hidden secrets no one else knows! Maybe a favorite food or secret spot! If you have never visited, comment with when you want to go!




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