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I see you scrolling on social media because you’re lonely and bored, but so overwhelmed you just want a break so you can’t even fester up a lunch with a friend. You just want to be alone, but you're so lonely.
I see you yearning for connection!

 I see your desire to be something better than where you are,
but you're saying you don’t have time and don’t know what to change.
I see your dreams, desires and potential!

You are not alone. I see you drinking Starbucks as your breakfast and lunch and taking bites of the kids mac and cheese, veggie straws and pb&j for dinner, but mama-where’s your plate?!
You shouldn't eat dinner over the sink.
I see you wanting to be healthier!

I see you taking a walk or maybe a workout yesterday, but why didn’t you show up today?
 I see you want routine & consistency!

 I see you getting started on projects and not finishing.
Then you add more and more as you shop the aisles of Target.
I see you getting overwhelmed!

I see you doing so, so much and wanting that validation that you’re doing it all right,
but only other Mamas tell you that. Not the people who you want to hear it from.
They do appreciate you, but they never say it.
I see you wanting appreciation! 

Mama, You’re trying to manage it all!

You’re trying to change so much because life just doesn’t seem fun anymore. You're trying to be Super Mom -changing diapers, running kids to sports, trying to be healthy, decorating your home...still, tackling your projects, taking care of the house, groceries, housework, clear the clutter, organize the pantry and those damn digital photos, read that book, trying to raise kids that won’t be on the 11 o'clock news, be a good wife, and possibly you work or maybe want to be your own mom boss... 

Shew!!...NO WONDER you need Starbucks everyday! 

I see you, Mama and I’m here to help! 

I See You...

you are a super mom and so much more

Hello! I am Tiffanie! I inspire, encourage and uplift Moms who have been struggling to get out the the rut, but now have a burning desire to be their best. And I'm here to tell you, there IS such a thing as personal mental freedom without guilt, feelings of being overwhelmed or feeling undervalued!

I am a perfectly-imperfect Mom of three little ones, married since 2002. I love organizing anything, over planning everything, Interior Design (I got a degree in that one!), make-up and traveling (Especially to Vegas & Disney)! 

I own a vacation rental home business, dislike {correction} actually HATE cooking, but love shopping for things I didn’t know I needed (If you’re a Target Mom, you totally get that!). I am always working on my health & fitness trying to find just one ab again after 3 kids, and unfortunately, I have lost many loved ones in my life including both Parents, a Sister, unborn baby, Uncle, all my Grandparents and many more.

I am here to share with you my REAL B- MomLife/Parenting experiences {yes, like the grade B- ya know…AVERAGE!}, my rollercoaster life journey, deliver you practical-get shit done-tips along with honest & relatable content! 

I hope I sometimes make you smile, even cry, laugh out loud (and probably pee your pants a little)!! My desire is to bring value, joy, self-worth, and connection back to your life as you {intentionally} SURVIVE MOMShift daily!

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rachael jones

"I feel like Tiffanie really gets it! I laugh along with her, I cry along with her, I get inspired by her words. Tiffanie has motivated me to remember who I was & to do fun things like dye my hair pink & make stained glass again! I can be an awesome Mom & wife & still be me!" 

kelly calderone

"I personally met Tiffanie thru a mom’s group and from that moment I felt a good vibe from me crazy but it’s true! She shows will power, perseverance, determination, and the list goes on. Over the years on getting to know her and all of the obstacles she helped me to push myself over the limit."

haley baker

"Tiffanie is a talented writer. I love reading any of her posts; they are funny, uplifting and just down right REAL which is refreshing....I do look forward to her posts!"

stephanie foxwell

"I especially love reading Tiffanie’s posts on motherhood, fitness, and travel the most! I love to read anything she writes about. She is very relatable and helps me with mothering advice so much! She is an inspiration to me and when I read her fitness posts, it makes me want to get up and run too! Her love for travel is similar to mine and I hope to be able to travel just as much one day!" 

michelle arcidiacono

"I’ve always been able to turn to Tiffanie for advice on anything from newborn feeding routines, to house decor and family photo outfits! She is always willing to give her honest opinion and I value her advice!"

crystal maze

"Tiffanie has been such an inspiration and motivator in my life. She is always there and knows exactly how to motivate and inspire those around her. Having very similar life experiences. I am always motivated by how she is able to put events that have happened in her life into a perspective to help others. She is absolutely my strength when I need it."

tasha whitt

"I watched Tiffanie from afar work on her health and share her life as a mom. She inspired me. I knew I had to work with her and because of her mentorship and leadership, I am more confident and run my life in a way that glorifies God and brings me joy."


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